"Mirusysis, jei gerbiame jo atminimą, tampa brangesnis ir galingesnis už gyvą žmogų."

Antuano de Sen Egziuperi


"Mirusysis, jei gerbiame jo atminimą, tampa brangesnis ir galingesnis už gyvą žmogų."

Antuano de Sen Egziuperi


"Mirusysis, jei gerbiame jo atminimą, tampa brangesnis ir galingesnis už gyvą žmogų."

Antuano de Sen Egziuperi

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Monuments and Grave Maintenance

Monuments and Grave Maintenance

Monuments, Gravestones, Grave Maintenance, Monument Production, Pricing of Monuments and Decorative Granite Chippings

After losing a loved one, grave maintenance can become a real headache. It goes without saying that we want to give our respects to the person who passed away by tidily cleaning and regularly taking care of their grave. From the oldest of times it was customary to mark individual graves by monuments, (also known as gravestones) and decorative chippings, such tradition remains till this day. Nowadays, far more attention is being paid to this tradition – the production of monuments, the quality of the granite and marble used, and various elements of grave decoration (granite hearts, flowers, etc.). An increasingly popular grave design is placing a granite slab to cover the grave. This way, grave maintenance takes even less time and requires less effort.


We know that the burial site (grave) is a meaningful and important place for honouring the dead, and we understand that this is the only way to show love and respect for the deceased, that is why we have been working hard for over ten years to help you maintain graves flawlessly. All you have to do is call us and make an appointment.

Our efforts and many years of experience allow us to carry out all the grave maintenance related work quickly and for a reasonable price. We are qualified and proficient in various types of stone work – granite processing, carving letters on granite and marble tombstones for sale, granite polishing, etc. Our mindful work on how to remarkably decorate or maintain a grave has reached many Lithuanian cemeteries. We will consult you and answer any questions you may have. When visiting us, you will find an exceptionally large variety of grave monuments and other related items, this being the case, you are able to choose the one that suits your individual needs the most or order a custom-made monument based on your own vision of it (its type, colour, size, etc.) and we will put our best effort to make it. Unfortunately, information via phone call is less useful, but it's a great solution for a start. Together we can find the best solution for you!

Please note: we do not partake in the trade of Chinese monuments or production of gravestones made from Chinese stone.

Our Services

The selection of the monument, grave maintenance (including the layout of the burial place) and taking care of the grave are all individual and personal processes. Everyone wants to show their love and care for the deceased and to pay homage to them, for this reason services for both monuments and grave services are very diverse. Knowing this, we offer an exceptionally wide range of our services:

- Custom and pre-made granite and marble tombstones (monuments) for graves, tombstone design, production and installation; - Grave care, decoration and maintenance services, trade in various monuments, granite slabs and grave coverings, bronze decorations; - Gravesite covering in granite covers, granite slabs for sale, covering of graves in Šiauliai city and beyond using special granite and marble slabs, pads, tiles and other materials; - Coordination of the monument installation with the cemetery administration; - Gravesite foundation casting; - Production of granite benches and curbs for graves; - Engraving of inscriptions on monuments; - Installation of additional monument accessories made of bronze on already installed gravestones; - Design, production and installation of monuments; - Monument renovation services;

Memorial headstones near me When deciding on the gravestone or grave maintenance solutions, we always try to advise and recommend those that best reflect the personality and achievements of the deceased. We offer these services everywhere in Lithuania.

Everyone who orders a gravestone gets a 50€ grave decoration gift.

Why Use Our Services?

We consider diligence and durability of works as our greatest asset - monuments (tombstones and accessories) are made of high quality granite only (we do not use Chinese stone and only work with high quality and durable materials - European marble and granite).

We consider the diligence and durability of our products as our greatest asset – monuments (headstones for graves and their accessories) are made only out of high-quality granite (we do not use Chinese stone and work only with high quality and durable materials – European marble and granite). If you choose to design your loved one's grave with us, you will not be disappointed with the quality or installation of our granite products. Long experience (more than 10 years) in stone processing ensures high quality workmanship. 

We strive to complete your order in the shortest time possible, but also to maintain the quality standard (quality requirements).

Flexible work schedule allows us to meet you at your convenience.

You are probably wondering: will the work be of high quality? Will the quality of our products and services meet your expectations? How much does it cost to set up a gravesite? What kind of granite and marble tombstones are there? What are the prices of grave monuments? And many more. These are common questions that you'll find answers to when you come and visit us.

In addition, we also ensure: - Operativeness - we try to fulfil orders quickly and responsibly; - Satisfied expectations – if you do not find a monument you like in our catalogue, we can make it according to the illustration or project you have provided; - Honesty and kind cooperation – we will always give you detailed information on the things you are interested in; - Good quality/price ratio;

- Telephone consultations; - Convenience – we can meet you at a time that is convenient to you;

Show your deceased relative how much you care for them and love them by making their grave a unique and heart-warming place – take advantage of our professional services provided.

Please note: It is possible to pay for monuments by leasing (instalments).


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K. Donelaičio g. 81, Šiauliai, Lietuva, 78120

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Production Address: Šiauliai rural eldership, Šiauliai district

Information: Please call before visiting as we may be away.

We have been making monuments for almost ten years. Our stone masons will make monuments of various stone types, colours and sizes, as well as other accessories for grave decoration. We take care of all aspects of monument design, construction and grave maintenance. We provide our services with regards to production speed, quality and fair price.

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Please note: we do not sell Chinese monuments!

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