"Mirusysis, jei gerbiame jo atminimą, tampa brangesnis ir galingesnis už gyvą žmogų."
Antuano de Sen Egziuperi
"Mirusysis, jei gerbiame jo atminimą, tampa brangesnis ir galingesnis už gyvą žmogų."
Antuano de Sen Egziuperi
"Mirusysis, jei gerbiame jo atminimą, tampa brangesnis ir galingesnis už gyvą žmogų."
Antuano de Sen Egziuperi

Photo gallery. Monuments, grave management and their accessories.

Stone (granite) is considered to be everlasting in its composition and properties, making it an indispensable material for making gravestones for graves and various sculptures. However, if you want to avoid grave maintenance from becoming a burden, it is imperative that the monuments are made of high quality and durable granite. Monument production is a diligent and responsible type of work. We would like to point out that the prices of grave monuments depend on the quality of the granite block from which they are made. It is not necessarily so that cheap monuments are of low quality and expensive ones are of very high quality. It greatly depends on the qualification and the hours put in by monument makers in this type of work. Granite and marble tombstones made by our stone masons are known for their high quality stone polishing. The gravestones are inspected during a rigorous granite quality inspection. For graves and monuments to look beautiful, annual maintenance is necessary. Only high-quality granite and well-polished monuments will not require much maintenance.

Trade in Stone Products

Monument production and grave maintenance are not the only services we provide. We can make various accessories for graves from granite or marble. Our granite corners, curbs, vases and other products meet the wishes of many customers. That is why our assortment will definitely meet your needs.

Decoration, maintenance, renovation of graves and tombstones

Unfortunately, monuments in graveyards do not always look pleasing. For this reason, a person that is at least a little bit interested in the production of monuments immediately sees the wrong choice of granite for grave maintenance, the poorly polished monument surface or unprofessionally installed monuments and their accessories. Even if the mentioned problems have been avoided, it is often not enough to build a monument for your deceased loved ones. In order to turn a gravesite into a neat, beautiful and heart-pleasing place, you need to decorate it gracefully and keep it up to date with the seasons. Sadly, the pace and conditions of life make it impossible for people to do it themselves, so the best solution is to entrust it to professionals who not only provide high-quality grave maintenance services but also long- lasting professional solutions.

Ways of decorating graves

Grave maintenance and decoration are very personal processes. In most cases, people follow well-established traditions in cemeteries and look at innovations with caution (ex. 3D monuments, glass-covered graves). These traditions and long- lived practices are best known to people working in the field (we have been working in this field for 15 years at paminklai-kapams.lt). Of course, you can choose how you want to decorate your relatives’ graves to your liking, and we will design and coordinate with you a grave decoration project that will look tasteful but not over-the-top. It is true that each type of grave maintenance has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you decide to cover the grave with a granite slab, it will look aesthetically pleasing, leaving room for burial. Admittedly, it is a more expensive option than laying out pads or granite chippings, but their practicality and durability is significantly shorter. Sometimes it is worth to think about ordering services that are a little bit more expensive and taking advantage of paying in instalments (leasing without bank services).

How to polish and care for the stone?

There are numerous ways to maintain monuments and gravestones – usually monuments or headstones used for graves are made from natural marble and granite are cleaned with special stone-based cleaners that give the granite its original appearance. If the surface of a stone is very heavily soiled, it is best to clean it with special cloths and brushes. Solutions that dissolve various substances are also used. If paint has come into contact with a monument or gravestone, it is best to clean it with a special paint-removing paste. A question that surfaces quite often is how do we prevent moss from accumulating on a granite or marble monument? Moss accumulates far less frequently on a polished monument and maintenance is considerably simpler. It is still recommended to impregnate such surface with special impregnators. It is imperative that the surface of a monument is clean before impregnation. After a monument is cleaned, it is polished – the final appearance of the stone is obtained with special tools. The surface of a well-polished and impregnated monument has a shiny, natural colour of granite or marble. When Impregnated, the polished surface of a monument is protected from the adverse effects of the environment. These steps are best done during autumn and spring. Maintenance and cleaning of such monuments or headstones then becomes considerably easier.

Maintenance of graves

Grave maintenance is our main service. It usually starts with the question: “is it a new grave or an old one?” We would like to point out that we are maintaining new graves and renovating (remodelling) old ones. In most cases, cleaning up old gravesites is more expensive due to the removal of them (removal of old concrete, old monuments and gravestones). However, this constitutes only up to 5 percent of the total cost of cleaning the grave. Old monuments are never used to make new ones.

Our goal is to guarantee an orderly and constantly carefully maintained cemetery for your loved ones!


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We have been making monuments for almost ten years. Our stone masons will make monuments of various stone types, colours and sizes, as well as other accessories for grave decoration. We take care of all aspects of monument design, construction and grave maintenance. We provide our services with regards to production speed, quality and fair price.


Please note: we do not sell Chinese monuments!